Austin Sewing Machines - Frequently asked questions


Question: How easy is the Sewing Machine to use?

Answer: The austin sewing machines are designed to be as simple as possible. There is a full instruction manual with each sewing machine and a quick guide which covers all of the basic functions, stitch settings and needle positions that you will need, austin sewing machines are suitable for beginners and expert sewers.

Question: Is there any Warranty with the sewing machines?

Answer: Yes there is a Warranty, this is for 2 years and covers any fault with the sewing machine but the warranty does not cover user error.

Question: I have received my machine but it does not work, when I push the pedal the motor runs but the needle does not move

Answer: On the top of the sewing machine to the right hand side there is a lever "the bobbin winder" this needs to be pushed over to the left for sewing and over to the right for filling the bobbin with cotton. If you go to page 6 in the instruction manual it is the last instruction at the bottom of the page. If you are not sure just give us a quick call and we will help you.

Question: How do I set the sewing machine to do free hand embroidery stitching?


To set the sewing machine up to do a free hand embroidery, please follow these steps.

1/. put the darning plate (clear plastic plate in your accessory kit) over the feed dog to hide the feed dogs which will avoid them from moving the fabric (see p.10 on manual).

2/. set the stitch number between 7 - 9 (zigzag stitch) on stitch select dial knob which will allow you to select the width that you would preferred to sew.

3/. set the number 0 on stitch length dial knob.

And, then you may start your embroidery sewing. However, you need to spend some time practicing on a scrap piece of material to perfect your skill, method and style of embroidery.

Question: How do I register my Sewing Machine on the website?

Answer: At the bottom of the home page there is a link "warranty", just click on the link and you will be taken to a page where there is a form to complete. Please complete the form in full including your serial number of the sewing machine. This can be found on the back of the sewing machine, on the side of the box or on your invoice.

Question: If the Sewing Machine that I bought is a gift how do we make sure the warranty will be registered and valid in the 31 day period?

Answer: If you have bought the sewing machine as a gift, please make sure that you regiester the warranty yourself using the details on the invoice which is supplied with the Sewing Machine.

Question: I have a question about sewing machines or sewing machine accessories, which is not listed above?

Answer: If you have a question which is not shown above, we welcome you to contact us by email, telephone or our website contact form.