Austin AS-17 Compact Sewing Machine

Austin AS-17 Compact Sewing Machine

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  1. Austin AS17 Compacy Sewing machine

    AS17 Compact Austin Sewing Machine Multi -Function

    11 self select Automatic Stitch settings, Including Left, Right and Middle. This machine is not a toy, this is a steel framed fully functional sewing machine but in a compact size, ideal for children and beginners to us or if you go to sewing lessons and want a machine that can do the work but is easy to carry and move about.

    The machine is supplied from the factory with a 2 years limited Parts Warranty

    Each Machine is supplied with the following:

    1. Instruction Book with everything that you will need to know about your machine

    2. Electronic Speed Foot Pedal

    3. 240 volt power supply

    4. Finger Guard for children and beginners

    5. LED Lighting that helps with Needle Threading and sewing. +/- 20000 hours of use

    6. 2 Year Warranty Card (you need to register the warranty on the website to activate it.)

    Accessories Pack including the following:

    • Spare Needle size 90/14

    • 2 x Plastic Bobbins

    • ZigZag Presser Foot (Large Selection Available on the Site.)

    • Needle Threader Packaging:

    • These machines are packed in a Polystyrene Clam Casing and then within a thick protective Cardboard Box which has a convenient pull out Handle for ease of carrying.

    • The machine weighs 2.4 kilograms (5.3 pounds) and 3.2 kilograms (7 pounds) with the box and Packaging.

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1 Item(s)

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